FAQ: How do I select the right pool builder?

When considering having a pool built in your backyard, hiring the right builder can be a challenge. Here are a few things to consider in determining the best fit: What is the company’s experience and skill level? Do they have a competent, professional team? Is the company in good standing with your local Better Business Bureau? Do you know a friend or neighbor who has used the same company with good results? If not, can the company provide you with a list of reliable references? How long has the company been in business, and how long have they been building pools in your area? Be sure to visit their showroom…


FAQ: How do I pick my pool design?

Each property has unique features that should be considered when your pool is being designed. So does your family! At your request, a design expert from Design Pool & Spa will meet with you at your home to discuss your pool needs and desires. He or she will ask you how you intend to use your pool. Is exercise important? How about family use? What about location? Where will the pool look best when viewed from your home? Our design expert may take photographs of your yard. Then they’ll prepare a custom design that fits your needs.

Top 5 Reasons to Build Your Pool This Winter

A Pool in the Winter? 5 Reasons why Winter is a Great Time to Build While cold weather may not inspire you to think about swimming outdoors, winter is the ideal time to buy a pool. (Yes – we can build year round, even here in Upstate New York.) Here are five great reasons to build a pool during the winter: 1. Swim All Summer. Building a pool in the winter ensures you’ll be swimming in your new pool in time for summer. After all, if you wait ’til April or May to start building a pool, you’ll miss out on a lot of swimming season by the time it’s ready. 2.…


Duck, Duck, Don’t!

Ducks are cute – but they don’t belong in your pool. There are three really good reasons to try to keep them out. It will harm the ducks. Drinking large amounts of pool water can damage their kidneys. Duck droppings can contain harmful bacteria. According to the Center for Disease Control, many germs in bird droppings can infect humans, such as E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, or Cryptosporidium (“Crypto” for short). Duck droppings and feathers will clog pool filters, sometimes leading to costly repairs. Keeps Ducks Away Here are some simple, harmless ways to keep ducks out of your pool. These tips will help keep your family and your neighborhood ducks,…


We Still Make Them Like They Used To

Have you purchased a washing machine or refrigerator lately? It’s frustrating to find shoddy parts and weak construction. Things you could once count on to last 20 years now only last 7 or 8. As the saying goes, “they don’t make them like they used to.” So, when people ask me why we build gunite pools – instead of vinyl — I ask them how long they want to enjoy their pool. Most people want their pools to last for generations – not just a few years. That’s why, if you are thinking of building a pool, you need to consider the construction material. At Design Pool & Spa we…


The Things That Matter

What’s most important to you? If you’re like many of the wonderful clients we’ve worked with over the years, your list looks like this: Family Friends Health and relaxation Beauty and tranquility How do we know this?  Because these are the same reasons our clients decide to build custom pools. Our clients know that they are creating something that will last– and bring joy — for generations.  It’s what matters to them. And, it’s what matters to my own family. We know that pools bring people together and add beauty to life. And, for over 40 years we’ve helped our clients do just that. Let us know if we can answer…