Have you purchased a washing machine or refrigerator lately? It’s frustrating to find shoddy parts and weak construction. Things you could once count on to last 20 years now only last 7 or 8. As the saying goes, “they don’t make them like they used to.”

So, when people ask me why we build gunite pools – instead of vinyl — I ask them how long they want to enjoy their pool. Most people want their pools to last for generations – not just a few years.

That’s why, if you are thinking of building a pool, you need to consider the construction material. At Design Pool & Spa we use gunite for all of our pools. Gunite is unsurpassed for strength, durability, and for creative custom design.

What is Gunite?

Gunite is a mixture of concrete and sand that is combined with water and sprayed through a powerful nozzle over a framework of reinforced steel. Clients are often astounded at this dramatic process. In a single day clients witness an excavation site of steel plumbing and scaffolding become transformed into a seamless, elegant pool shell. It really is amazing.

Bill Forster croppedPost written by Bill Forster, Commercial Sales Consultant.  Want to know more?   Contact us and ask for Bill.