Proper Start Up Care For Plaster Pools

By Kurtis Bednarcyk Thanks to Mother Earth’s mild manners this winter, we were able to get several projects prepared for plaster and start-up early this spring! That, along with a regularly busy spring and summer ahead has inspired this post, as proper care of new plaster is vital to the aesthetics and longevity of your […]

Two Simple Tips to Ensure a Smooth Opening This Spring!

By Kurt Bednarcyk Spring is on the way, folks! I have a hunch we’re not out of the winter woods just yet, but as upstaters we know the weather can swing without much warning, and we want to be ready to dive right in – literally and figuratively – when pool season finally returns. It’s […]

Pool Filtration News: Ultraviolet Sanitation System

By Bucky Frusco One technology many pool owners may not know about for pool maintenance is Ultraviolet sterilization. UV light is a powerful tool in the fight against algae, germs, and bacteria, and can be used in conjunction with a sand filter to keep your pool water healthy and sparkling. How UV Sanitation Works: UV Pool […]

Salt Water Pool Pros and Cons

Saltwater pools have become one of the most common trends in the swimming pool industry over recent years. Naturally, many of our customers have questions regarding salt sanitation. We hope the following information will be helpful in determining whether or not salt is the right fit for your own backyard or commercial project. What is […]

Choosing Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps

Enjoy Your Pool Longer with the Right Heater Here in Upstate New York, an energy-efficient and reliable heater or heat pump is a must. They will add to your comfort and extend your swimming season. In fact, some of our clients swim until Halloween! Below you will find information on some of the different heaters […]

Choosing an Inground Pump

Reliable, Durable Pumps For Inground Pools Circulation/filtration pumps for inground pools are the heart of the swimming pool’s circulation system. Pumps pull water from the pool through the skimmer and main drain, push it through the filter, and return it to the pool through the main returns.  Design Pool & Spa can help you choose […]

Choosing a Pool Filter

Filters: High-efficiency filtration systems for sparkling clear water Every pool needs a filter. By removing impurities such as dirt, leaves, grass, hair, body oils, sunscreen, and even many bacteria from the water, today’s high efficiency filters keep your pool water clean, clear and inviting. Choose from three different filter technologies—cartridge, D.E. or sand.  For more information […]

Duck, Duck, Don’t!

Ducks are cute – but they don’t belong in your pool. There are three really good reasons to try to keep them out. It will harm the ducks. Drinking large amounts of pool water can damage their kidneys. Duck droppings can contain harmful bacteria. According to the Center for Disease Control, many germs in bird […]