Let’s talk ALGAE prevention!

By: Kurt Bednarcyk 6.7.17   It’s a bit of a dark cloud in our industry, but at some point in your tenure as a pool owner, you’ll likely have to deal with algae. Algae spores can enter your water through wind, dirt, fertilizer, animals, and even on a swimmer’s body or bathing suit. A sudden […]

Book your project now for 2017 construction!

By: Kurtis Bednarcyk 4.10.17 Hi there, folks – hope you are enjoying this beautiful day in Upstate! Even though you may not have swimming on the mind just yet, I want to discuss scheduling as it relates to the current year at DP&S and the outdoor construction industry in the northeast, in general. In a world […]


Hey all, I waited until today to post this because many pools in the Northeast have just been opened in time for the holiday weekend – and it looks like we’ll finally be swimming, even if it has to be in the rain (fingers crossed that the meteorologists are wrong again!) Anyway, just wanted to […]

Proper Start Up Care For Plaster Pools

By Kurtis Bednarcyk Thanks to Mother Earth’s mild manners this winter, we were able to get several projects prepared for plaster and start-up early this spring! That, along with a regularly busy spring and summer ahead has inspired this post, as proper care of new plaster is vital to the aesthetics and longevity of your […]

Get a head start on building and maximize swim season!

By: Kurtis Bednarcyk   While you may see some optimistic Rochestarians in their shorts today, most of us don’t quite have swimming on the brain yet. But as the weather heats up, so does our To-Do list. I wanted to take the opportunity on this beautiful spring afternoon to remind any of you who may […]

Two Simple Tips to Ensure a Smooth Opening This Spring!

By Kurt Bednarcyk Spring is on the way, folks! I have a hunch we’re not out of the winter woods just yet, but as upstaters we know the weather can swing without much warning, and we want to be ready to dive right in – literally and figuratively – when pool season finally returns. It’s […]

FAQ: Why do my cost estimates vary so much?

By Kurtis Bednarcyk   Like cars, guitars, and movie stars, not all backyard swimming pools are created equally. From the DIY above-ground frame and liner to the monstrosities you may have seen on MTV Cribs, one can only assume that there is also quite a lengthy continuum of the cost to build as well. Even […]

Celebrating a Major Milestone!

Posted by: Kurtis Bednarcyk This year will mark Design Pool & Spa’s 30th season with President E. Gary Bednarcyk at the helm. Since acquiring the company in 1986, Gary and his wife, Patty, who serves as office manager, have advanced the former few-man, seasonal operation into a team that handles year-round, residential and commercial construction, […]

Which Shaped Pool is Right for Your Backyard?

A well-designed pool will enhance the entire look and feel of your home. It should blend in beautifully with your landscaping and complement the shape of your yard. It should NOT feel like someone just dropped a pool into an empty patch of lawn. An inground pool can be constructed in any shape, and an oddly-shaped […]

5 Ways to Wrap a Pool for the Holidays!

  Is it possible to surprise your family with a pool as a present? Absolutely! Here are five creative ways to “wrap up” a pool and generate excitement for the holidays – and all winter long! 1. Pool Toys Buy fun swimming pool items such as pool noodles, goggles, toys and rafts. Wrap each item separately and […]