This summer our entire staff – sales, operations, retail, construction and service – embarked on a team building adventure.   We spent hours traversing the trees at Bristol Mountain’s Ariel Adventures Park.   And, it was a blast!

We all felt the thrill that came with testing ourselves and trying something new. Occasionally someone would need a helping hand to get to the next level. It was great to hear the cheers as successful climbs and leaps were made, and fears were overcome.

Our team left the park with new insight into — and appreciation for — one another.   And that’s really what it takes to be successful.

Our team has done some amazing work this summer designing, building and maintaining pools. The work is not always easy, especially when Mother Nature throws us a curve ball. But, our team members have years of experience working and trusting one another. That’s what turns some of our biggest challenges into our biggest successes.

Next challenge? Building pools all winter! It’s our specialty!