Spring is on the way, folks! I have a hunch we’re not out of the winter woods just yet, but as upstaters we know the weather can swing without much warning, and we want to be ready to dive right in – literally and figuratively – when pool season finally returns.
It’s not uncommon to uncover a pool after the offseason and reveal what pool guys sometimes refer to as “pea soup.” The unfortunate reality in these cases is it may take several days and multiple vacuum sessions to attain clear water, taking away from your swimming and relaxation and putting unnecessary strain on your filter. Whether you perform your opening yourself or hire a professional service crew, here are two easy tips you can get a head start on to guarantee a smoother and quicker opening.

Avoid the notorious “pea soup!”

1-Add chlorine in early spring. Chances are you or your pool pro shocked your water with chlorine and added some algaecide in the fall, but by now those chemicals will have begun to dissipate. Adding an active sanitizer is the best way to prevent a green water opening; we recommend unhooking a small section of your cover and adding 1-2 gallons of liquid chlorine or 2-4 gallons of bleach.

2-Hose down your safety cover. As soon as enough snow has melted, use a hose with a nozzle to remove leaves and other debris from the top of the cover. You don’t want all the spring rain running through that and collecting its filth. Taking care in this manner will also add to the life of the cover. Performing these two simple tasks will ensure a much more pleasant opening when the time comes. Stay tuned for part II, in which we’ll provide tips to care for your pool, cover, and equipment once you have opened.