Hi there, folks – hope you are enjoying this beautiful day in Upstate! Even though you may not have swimming on the mind just yet, I want to discuss scheduling as it relates to the current year at DP&S and the outdoor construction industry in the northeast, in general.

In a world driven by wi-fi, fast food, and Amazon Prime, we’re pretty conditioned to receiving instant gratification. Believe me, if we could guarantee two-day or even two-week delivery, we certainly would. However, gunite pool and spa construction is a bit more complicated and subject to hurdles including weather, equipment sourcing, personnel, coordinating with other contractors and a multitude of others. This is not a complaint, just a reality in our quest to produce the best possible products for all of our customers.

We are in the business of making you happy, and few things bum us out more than having to break the news that the blowout 4th of July pool party you’ve been planning may not be possible, logistically. We’ve got several projects in various stages of construction now, and we’re hoping to get water circulating on at least 6-8 more projects by the end of the season. If you’re hoping that yours will be one of them, please give us a call today to reserve your spot on our schedule! Be sure to select two day shipping upon checkout. Just kidding, but rest assured, our crews are hard at work doing what they can to make it happen!