At long last your pool is open, the water is sparkling, and…it’s raining.

Welcome to an Upstate New York spring. But, don’t let the latest round of storms rain on your summer pool parade. Follow these few small steps to ensure your pool stays in perfect shape – and ready for our next sunny, 80-degree day.

1. Clean The Pool

This may not sound like a lot of fun — but it’s important! Sometimes rain comes with heavy winds, and winds can blow a lot of dirt, leaves and other debris in your pool.

2. Check pH and Alkalinity Levels

Acid rain can cause your alkalinity to drop. Be sure to check your chemical levels after rain. Your alkalinity levels might see a more drastic change than your pH levels!

3. Check Sanitizer Levels

You also want to check your chlorine or sanitizer levels. Rain can often introduce contaminants to your water, and your sanitizer will start fighting them off. That means your sanitizer level might be low as well. So be sure to check these levels.

Should I Shock My Pool?

After our next heavy rainfall, you may have to shock your pool. This will help fight off any contaminants that the rain may have brought to your pool.  Just make sure you drain the water to the correct level, check your pH, alkalinity and sanitizer levels, then shock in the evening after heavy rain has ended.

Make sure you follow this checklist after a heavy rainfall to minimize issues such as cloudy water or algae. Happy swimming!