Is it possible to surprise your family with a pool as a present? Absolutely! Here are five creative ways to “wrap up” a pool and generate excitement for the holidays – and all winter long!

1. Pool Toys

Buy fun swimming pool items such as pool noodles, goggles, toys and rafts. Wrap each item separately and put them all in a big box with a giant bow.

2. A Lego swimming pool kit

Feeling crafty? Build your swimming pool with Lego Friends City Pool. Wrap it up. When the family opens it see how long it takes them to figure out what you’re really giving them.

3. Paradise Pool Collage

Print out beautiful pictures of some pools and spas and frame them. Wrap it up and watch your family’s eyes light up when they unwrap this gift!

4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie

All Clark Griswold wanted to do was buy his family a swimming pool with his holiday bonus money. See how long it will take your family to get the clue on what your real present is!

5. Swimming pool cake

Find a great baker that will create a swimming pool cake with your family’s name on it. Or, bring a pool photo to Wegmans and have them design a custom cake. Not only is this a “sweet” present, but this summer they will really think it’s sweet when they are diving into your new pool!

However you give a swimming pool this holiday season, have fun with it. It’s an unforgettable gift that will provide fun family times and great memories for years to come!