Get a head start on building and maximize swim season!

Published March 8, 2016 192 Views

While you may see some optimistic Rochestarians in their shorts today, most of us don’t quite have swimming on the brain yet. But as the weather heats up, so does our To-Do list. I wanted to take the opportunity on this beautiful spring afternoon to remind any of you who may be considering buildin...

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FAQ: Why do my cost estimates vary so much?

Published February 17, 2016 184 Views

Like cars, guitars, and movie stars, not all backyard swimming pools are created equally. From the DIY above-ground frame and liner to the monstrosities you may have seen on MTV Cribs, one can only assume that there is also quite a lengthy continuum of the cost to build as well. Even if you hav...

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Which Shaped Pool is Right for Your Backyard?

Published December 9, 2015 190 Views

A well-designed pool will enhance the entire look and feel of your home. It should blend in beautifully with your landscaping and complement the shape of your yard. It should NOT feel like someone just dropped a pool into an empty patch of lawn. An inground pool can be constructed in any shape,...

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5 Ways to Wrap a Pool for the Holidays!

Published November 30, 2015 186 Views

Is it possible to surprise your family with a pool as a present? Absolutely! Here are five creative ways to “wrap up” a pool and generate excitement for the holidays – and all winter long! 1. Pool Toys Buy fun swimming pool items such as pool noodles, goggles, toys and rafts. Wrap each item...

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The Best Gift: Family Time

Published October 27, 2015 185 Views

Some gifts are magical. This is our story of how we gained more family togetherness and created many wonderful memories, thanks to our pool. As parents of three children, we were one of those busy families pulled in different directions. Sports practices, school happenings and social events meant...

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Pool Filtration News: Ultraviolet Sanitation System

Published August 5, 2015 190 Views

One technology many pool owners may not know about for pool maintenance is Ultraviolet sterilization. UV light is a powerful tool in the fight against algae, germs, and bacteria, and can be used in conjunction with a sand filter to keep your pool water healthy and sparkling. How UV Sanitation Wor...

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How to Build the Perfect Sized Pool

Published June 1, 2015 184 Views

It’s fun to plan and design a new pool! One of the first questions we hear is: “how big should our new pool be?” There is no easy answer to that question. However, one of the best things about building a pool means that you can tailor the design to suit your specific wants and needs. Here are some k...

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10 Differences (especially #6!) Between Owning a Pool and Owning a Boat

Published May 26, 2015 218 Views

Torn between buying a pool or buying a boat? We think you’ll appreciate this light-hearted
 comparison of two popular, but very different, forms of family 
recreation. Pool vs. Boat: You don’t need a trailer
hitch, a tank of gas or a four-wheel drive vehicle to use your
 pool. Your neighb...

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Salt Water Pool Pros and Cons

Published May 4, 2015 171 Views

Saltwater pools have become one of the most common trends in the swimming pool industry over recent years. Naturally, many of our customers have questions regarding salt sanitation. We hope the following information will be helpful in determining whether or not salt is the right fit for your own bac...

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The Best Time to Build a Pool

Published March 1, 2015 182 Views

When is the Best Time to Build a Pool? Any time of the year is a good time to build a pool! It really depends on your goals, and how soon you’d like to be swimming. Construction on our end can occur in as little as three weeks. The true “start to finish” time, however, is largely dependent on...

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