A well-designed pool will enhance the entire look and feel of your home. It should blend in beautifully with your landscaping and complement the shape of your yard. It should NOT feel like someone just dropped a pool into an empty patch of lawn.

An inground pool can be constructed in any shape, and an oddly-shaped lot can actually lead to the creation of a unique and beautiful pool.

But, how do you pick the best location and the most flattering-shaped pool for your backyard? The examples below address these and other issues you should consider before building your own personal oasis. Please feel free to send me any questions you may have about pool shapes – especially for yards that have a challenging terrain or shape.

Rectangular Pool

A rectangular pool and a spacious sheltered lawn form two separate backyard recreation areas.

Square Lot

An elliptical pool softens this lot’s severe geometry and serves as an elegant focal point in the backyard.

Naturalistic Pool

Ringed by a glade of trees, a naturalistic pool creates a forest setting in a small garden.

Angular Pool

With the adjacent lawn echoing its contours, this angular pool produces a strikingly contemporary environment in a conventional backyard.

Shallow Lot

Creating a number of focal points across the width deepens an extremely shallow lot. This one has a central rounded patio ringed with trees, a rectangular pool and spa on one side, and an entertainment terrace on the other.

Wedge-shaped Lot

Irregular outdoor spaces lend themselves to distinct activity zones. The generous pool area in one corner provides space for a multitude of pool-related activities. A smaller patio area near the front is private and intimate.