Some gifts are magical. This is our story of how we gained more family togetherness and created many wonderful memories, thanks to our pool.

As parents of three children, we were one of those busy families pulled in different directions. Sports practices, school happenings and social events meant “family time” was a rarity.

However, once our pool was installed we noticed that our kids were around a lot more. During the summer they were in the pool daily. And, instead of going to a friend’s house, they brought their friends to our house.   We hosted team parties, birthday parties, and just plain fun summer night parties by the pool.

Our backyard and pool also became the “go to” location for our larger family events: Memorial Day cookouts, 4th of July bashes, and anniversary parties. The years sped by, and soon enough we were hosting graduation parties and wedding showers by the pool.

Even now our “grown up” kids and their friends like to hang out with us during warm weather weekends. We don’t take it for granted. We love our low key and spontaneous “family time.” The setting is always beautiful, and the company always cherished.