A Pool in the Winter? 5 Reasons why Winter is a Great Time to Build

While cold weather may not inspire you to think about swimming outdoors, winter is the ideal time to buy a pool. (Yes – we can build year round, even here in Upstate New York.) Here are five great reasons to build a pool during the winter:

1. Swim All Summer. Building a pool in the winter ensures you’ll be swimming in your new pool in time for summer. After all, if you wait ’til April or May to start building a pool, you’ll miss out on a lot of swimming season by the time it’s ready.
2. Less Stress Over Timelines. While we can build during the winter, even we get delayed due to overly inclement weather. Starting a pool construction early is smart planning and gives you a cushion in case of delays.
3. Landscaping. Because the installation of a swimming pool may cause some damage to your yard, it will take some time to re-grow the grass/vegetation around the pool area. Build your pool this winter and give your landscaping plenty of time to grow back.
4. Get to Know Your Pool Builder. We love our customers, but when summer gets here we’re on the go 24/7. Come meet with us this winter and spend quality time asking questions, and learning more about our team and the pool building process. We love helping our clients explore design and material options.
5. Taxes. In many cases, the interest you may spend financing your swimming pool can be used as a tax write-off at the end of the year.

If you’re thinking about building a pool in 2016, we’d love to show you why Design Pool & Spa is consistently the region’s top pool builder. We’ll answer all your questions, get to know what you’re looking for, and help you choose a pool design that suits you perfectly.